Do you want content that drives more users to your SaaS?

Hi! 👋 I’m Ayomide Joseph, a B2B SaaS content writer & strategist.

I help MarTech and Cybersecurity SaaS like yours write engaging customer-focused stories that turn product-qualified leads to life time users —or more life fans 🥳.

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What if your Saas could?

Become the go-to resource in your industry, positioning you in front of product-qualified leads.
Convert 71% of qualified leads
Convert 50% to B2B decision makers
Acquire 3x more leads while reducing your marketing cost by 62%

"Joseph, I’m halfway through an intitial read of the piece, and i’m really, really enjoying it! This is so thorough... I’m actually learning a ton from this.”

Ben Goldstein
Ben Goldstein
VP Marketing, Nuthshell

But this is not the regular content

Rehashing top-ranking content on SERP isn’t a strategy that helps drive demand to your SaaS.

How I Generated 3,000+ Additional Traffic Using [8] Long-Form Content Aura.

Doesn’t solve your ICP’s Problem
Fails to align your solution with your ICP’S journey
Neglect the human element in your marketing strategy

This is consumer-focused stories

“Stories are remembered 22 times more than more facts alone” -Stanford
Stories that answer your ICP’s question

Addressing your ICP’s Question at every stage in a conversation funnel is the first step in creating a connection between the m and their product

Stories that deliver results that helps scale your Saas

Stop following vanity metrics and wasting marketing budget on leads that won’t convert. Ditch SQLs and PQLs and start driving more users

Stories that put your SaaS infront of the right audience

A typical SEO checklist would get you short term SERP wins .But a good story would guarantee your growth serving both search engines and your audience for the long term.


The best people in SaaS loves these stories, and you will too

"Joseph is fantastic at synthesizing large amounts of long, highly technical, even confusing content and breaking it down so even a layperson can digest it easily. His copy is on time, clean, and well researched. He’s great to work with! "

Amber Katz
Founder Rogue 18 & Chief Editor, Edgemesh

"Ayomide is the total package. The content he contributed to Nutshell was deep, definitive, and loaded with relevant data. It was personality-driven, visually-pleasing, and fun to read. And most importantly, the drafts showed up in my inbox when Ayomide said they would : ) If you need a dependable content marketer who can write in your customer's voice, I can't recommend Ayomide highly enough."

Ben Goldstein
VP Marketing, Nutshell

"Joseph is an excellent content marketer with a lot of versatility. He's one of those guys who simply "gets it" and knows how to get the job done. We've worked together on some challenging projects, and I was impressed with his ability to execute with high precision and quality. I'd recommend Joseph without hesitation for any B2B software company seeking to level up their content and grow organic traffic."

Gaetano DiNardi
VP Growth, Aura

"Receiving a new article from Ayomide in my inbox can make my a day. His content is well-researched, well-written, and always completely optimized for conversion. He makes my job as an editor easy. Besides that, he's a friendly and enthusiastic person who always delivers on time."

Pim De Vos
Team Lead Organic Content

Are you ready to create stories that drive more users to your Saas?

Great, here’s what to expect.

Strategy Development

ICP breakdown and mapping
Customer research
Content audit
3-month content plan

Content Creation

Expert interviews
Content Ideation and brief
Draft reviews and Edits


On-page & off-page optimization
Content re-purposing
CMS uploads (webflow, wordpress, ghost e.t.c)
Monthly reports and recommendations.

Frequently asked questions?

Can you work with an in-house team?

Yes, I can. Your in-house content/marketing team and I have the same goal — get the best results to scale your business.

We’d work together to come up with a befitting content strategy and execution for your product.

Will you outsource my project?

No, I don’t and won’t outsource your project.

If there’s a case where your project requires an expert knowledge in a different niche, i’d ask your permission and provide reasons why it’s important we source external expertise.

Do you accept retainers?

Yes, I do accept retainers.

I believe retainers are for content marketers who provide value to a business like yours.

With that, I go beyond “just creating content” to solving actual problems and getting you the desired results.

This results in clients like you placing me on retainers.

Please note: I’ll invoice you 3-days before the due date to avoid unforeseen delays in deliverables.

What’s your process once I book A call with you?

My process involves 3 stages:

We get on a 20-30 min call where I ask you a series of questions on the problem with your SaaS.

During this call, I’ll let you know if we’re a fit or not.

i.) If we’re a fit, I'll send over a proposal detailing the proposed strategy and pricing details for successful execution.

ii.) If we’re not a fit, not to worry, I'll recommend changes you can make to your current marketing process and content strategy — free of charge (drinks on me!).

Once you approve the proposal, we move on to signing a contract and sorting out payments.


If you are still hesitating, then remember this

SaaS companies that use content marketing see 30% growth higher rate and 5 - 10% better retention rates.

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