Looking to put out content that drives more users to your SaaS?

Hi! 👋 I'm Ayomide Joseph, an intent-led B2B SaaS content writer.

I help Cyber Security and MarTech SaaS like yours write engaging consumer-focused stories that turn product-qualified leads to lifetime users - or more like fans. 🥳

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What If Your SaaS Could...?

Convert 71% of qualified leads.

Acquire 3x more leads while reducing your marketing cost by 62%.

Convert 50% of b2b decision makers.


All Of That 👆... Using Content

B2B Website Optimization and Security companies like Edgemesh Corp. work with me to improve their organic customer acquisition using engaging content.


But This Is Not The "Regular Content"

The regular content is one that:

doesn't solve your ICP's problems.

fails to align your solution with your ICP's journey.

❌ neglects the human element in your marketing strategy.


This Is Consumer-focused Stories

Stories are remembered 22 times more than mere facts alone ⎯ Stanford

Stories that answer your ICP's questions

Addressing your ICP's questions at every stage in the conversion funnel is the first step to creating a connection between them and your product.

Stories that deliver results to help scale your SaaS

Stop following vanity metrics and wasting marketing budget on leads that won't convert.
Ditch SQLs for PQLs and start driving more users.  

112% increase in traffic in 3 months, 67+ new paid users.

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Stories that puts your SaaS in front of the right audience

A typical SEO checklist would get you short term SERP wins.

But a good story would guarantee your growth serving both search engines and your audience for the long term.
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The Best People In SaaS Love These Stories, And You Will Too

Amber Katz
Amber Katz
Founder Rogue 18 & Chief Editor, Edgemesh
"Joseph is fantastic at synthesizing large amounts of long, highly technical, even confusing content and breaking it down so even a layperson can digest it easily. His copy is on time, clean, and well researched. He’s great to work with!
Justin Cruz
Founder, Curate
"I've worked with Ayomide on a bunch of different niche articles for my B2B Saas.

He was able to pick up the industry dynamics, writing style and workflow in a breeze and really took out our search engine presence to the next level.

One of the best parts about working with him is leveraging his diverse skillse
to pivot to whatever would bring in the most success for your business.
Carmine Mastropierro
SaaS Marketing Consultant, & Founder, Mastro Commerce
"your piece is an eye opener on what goes into writing a chatbot copy. Ayomide, you're the man, can't wait to have this up on the blog.
Dila Kadakal Uzun
Growth Marketer, StartItUp Publication
"Great piece, Joseph. Just featured it on our homepage.
Ben Goldstein
Ben Goldstein
VP Marketing, Nutshell CRM
"I get stacks of query emails from content writers who want to contribute to Nutshell, and honestly, I wind up ignoring most of them. If you're getting ignored, then I'd suggest using Ayomide's email as a blueprint.
Antione Dionne
Founder, Synergybot
"Picking someone to work with before launching SynergyBot was sort of a tough choice for me. We had big players in the league already, and we wanted to stand out.

I needed someone who wouldn't just write because they can write but someone who understands what our product was all about even before writing.

Ayomide came in and instantly filled that gap and that's why we are keeping him still.

Are You Ready To Create Stories That Drive More Users to Your SaaS?

Great, here’s what to expect.
Strategy Development
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analyis
  • ICP breakdown
  • Customer Interviews & Audience Research
  • Site and Existing Content audit.
  • Topical Research
  • 6-month content plan
Content Creation
  • Content ideation
  • Topical and Keyword Analysis
  • Customer Perspective Outlines
  • Content breif
  • Tailored Content Design and Product Visuals
  • Drafts Review and Edits
  • Interlinking pillar pages and cluster topics
  • On-page optimization
  • Content repurposing
  • CMS Uploads (WordPress, Webflow, etc.)
  • Monthly Reports and Recommendations.

If You're Still Hesitating, Then Remember This 👇

SaaS companies that use content marketing see 30% higher growth rates and 5-10% better retention rates.

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