How I Helped Trengo Rank #1 and Convert More Leads Through ICP-Led BOFU Content

[Case Study] → Trengo’s New Approach to Content Strategy
  • Company name: Trengo

  • Use Case: All-in-one customer service solution

  • Worked with: Pim De Vos (Team Lead, Organic Content)

  • Role: Freelance Content Writer 

About Trengo 

Trengo is an omnichannel customer service solution that offers a combination of communication channels such as Email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Live Chat. 

Trengo helps companies like Sequoia, Parfumando, Crisp, Billink, Zeeman, and 3,000+ customers worldwide centralize their communication within the company and with customers. 

Their major unique value proposition is helping increase the speed of company-customer conversation. 

In fact, one of Trengo’s customers [Ferryscanner] managed a 700% increase in customer queries during peak season — and still maintained a high level of satisfaction. 

The Project

Trengo already had impressive traffic via their TOFU (top-of-the-funnel) content —  all thanks to the great work of the SEO & Content Lead, Pim De Vos. 

However, during our conversation, Pim expressed their focus on “high-quality bottom-of-the-funnel content” in order to convert their current traffic to actual users. 

My Approach to the Problem

First, I evaluated Trengo — as a product to understand its use case and target audience. 

Digging deep into the product, I discovered that Trengo offered two major solutions: 

1. Support automation for customer service teams.

2. Faster response times to help sales teams boost their lead generation and conversion. 

Next, I prepared a spreadsheet that highlights Trengo’s features and their benefits

Here, I’m focusing more on what the ideal user gets when they use Trengo — i.e., answering “what problem does the user solve by using this feature?.”

The follow-up was to deeply dive into Trengo’s existing user base and potential customers. 

This involved analyzing user behaviour, preferences, and pain points to identify what kind of content would resonate with them at the decision-making stage. 

After reviewing answers from different sources, the next step was to perform a comprehensive content audit to identify gaps in Trengo’s existing content —  particularly at the bottom of the funnel. 

For example, the content I wrote on “How to prevent team inbox clutter”, — I took the common responses we found on public forums and backed up our claim in the first sentence of the blog post. 

Highlights of Some of The Projects I Worked On

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Ranks #2 for “team inbox management” — and also ranks #7 for “what is a team inbox?

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Ranks #2 for “omnichannel customer service examples” and #7 for “what is omnichannel customer service?” 

How To Prevent Team Inbox Clutter

Ranks #1 for “team inbox clutter.”

How To Prevent Team Inbox Clutter 

Ranks #1 for “team inbox clutter.”

Team Inbox Management: A Guide For Efficient Teams

Ranks #2 for “team inbox management.”

WhatsApp Chatbot For Education: An A-Z Guide For Schools 

Ranks #7 for “WhatsApp chatbot for education.”

How To Collect Customer Feedback On WhatsApp [+Templates] 

Ranks #2 for “how to collect customer feedback on WhatsApp.”

Why Omnichannel Customer Service Software Is A Game Changer

Ranks #6 for “what is omnichannel customer service?

How To Select Your Customer Service Automation Software

How To Send Reminder Messages On WhatsApp [Examples & Templates]

What I Learned Working with Trengo

In general, the Trengo project was quite an interesting one — especially as a first-timer in the world of customer service content strategy. 

I’d say the primary challenge was transitioning from top-of-the-funnel content — which successfully attracted a wide audience, to a more focused bottom-of-the-funnel content that could effectively convert this audience into paid users.

One of the most significant observations during this project was the diverse range of content preferences within the potential user base. 

While some users responded well to in-depth guides, others were more inclined towards practical examples and templates. 

Personal Takeaways From the Project

This project enhanced my understanding of the customer journey, especially the transition from awareness to decision-making stages. 

It felt more like speaking in a language the audience understands — and connects to. A surreal feeling! 

Another point is how it improved my content gap analysis skills. For instance, identifying missing links in the existing content and filling those gaps with strategically crafted pieces was a key part of the successful strategy. 

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