How I Created Nutshell’s Top-Ranking Pillar Page on “Inbound Leads.”

[Case Study] → Two B2B Sales Experts. One CRM. A New Audience & A Bear Market.

  • Company name: Nutshell CRM (now Acquired by WebFX) 

  • Use Case: Customer Relationship Management

  • Worked with: Benjamin Goldstein (VP of Marketing). 

  • Role: Freelance Content Writer and Strategist. 

About Nutshell CRM

Nutshell is a Customer Relationship Management system — particularly for large-scale B2B teams looking to close more deals (both inbound and outbound)

The product hosts features like contact and pipeline management, sales automation, lead attribution, website visitor tracking, online meeting scheduler, and sales & marketing automation.

It also includes loads of native integrations — all powered by Zapier and AppConnect. 

The Project

In a conversation with the VP of Marketing, Ben Goldstein, Nutshell’s focus at that point was strictly to create content that would target B2B sales professionals. 

This was in line with their pipeline management offering, which had tough competitors in the market, such as Mailchimp (Intuit), HubSpot and Salesforce. 

According to Ben, — 

After an in-depth conversation, we identified that most of Nutshell’s ideal customers had problems closing their inbound B2B leads during the final stage of the conversion. 

Identifying this means we didn’t have to target a broad term like “pipeline management.”

My Approach to the Problem

While this problem (how to close inbound B2B leads) has been discussed on several platforms, there hasn’t been a well-documented approach to a working solution. 

Plus there was another personal problem — 

  • I’m not a professional salesperson (I’ve only jumped on sales calls for my own business).
  • I don’t run a SaaS of my own (yet…). 
  • My experience in B2B sales isn’t as deep as I'd like for me to tackle the project head-on. 

So here’s what I did instead:

I posted on various Slack groups asking to interview B2B sales professionals — particularly those closing their inbound leads. 

Luckily, I got tons of responses.  However, I had to filter the majority because their responses to the questions weren’t practical — nor did they have the case studies to back them. 

A major setback? Not likely. It gave me new insights into how impractical many “solutions” on the internet are. 

With all hopes seemingly lost, Anastasia Zaichko, Head of Marketing, BuzzGuru (now Famesters), reached out about a possible interview with their CEO, Pavel Beinia

Pavel gave me exactly what I wanted for the project. For the most part, he was talking from a founder’s perspective — one who has sold to major businesses like Konami, Mobile Legends, Paysenger, OneLight Apps, Exness, Belka Games, etc. 

While this is great, it didn’t feel complete (call it a missing rib or something 😅). But I needed another perspective. 

And who better to call than someone who has been on both the marketing and sales side of the business? 

With this, I reached out to the VP of Marketing at Aura, Gaetano DiNardi — and his responses sealed it for me. 

Remember the missing rib I talked about earlier? Yeah, it’s no more missing. 


The project produced the following results: 

  • Ranks #1 (+ a featured snippet) among 52,000 results for the long-tail keyword “how to close inbound leads” — outranking The 5% Institute, Salesmate, Bravado, SalesBuzz, and HubSpot.
  • Also ranks for “how to close B2B leads.” … and also it snatches up new keywords and leads every now and then — 🥂😅

💡Important to note: The strength of Nutshell’s domain played an important role in the success in this project — so cheers to the marketing team.

What I Learned Working with Nutshell CRM

This project with Nutshell CRM was a unique challenge due to the nuanced nature of B2B sales content. 

In fact, the project’s success hinged on understanding the complex needs and pain points of B2B sales professionals — a task that required stepping out of the box and going against the norm. 

One significant observation was the oversaturation of generic solutions in the market. Many of which were impractical to say the least. 

On the flip side, the absence of a working solution prompted the need for genuinely practical and tested strategies. With that in mind, combining real-world insights from industry professionals, proved to be a game-changer in creating content that resonated deeply with the target audience. 

Personal Takeaways From the Project

Working on this project showed me the importance of in-depth industry research and collaboration with experts. And it also broadened my perspective on B2B sales, which provided a solid foundation for content that genuinely addresses user needs. 

One other thing I enjoyed was how the project emphasized the importance of crafting engaging intros. Spending considerable time perfecting the introduction paid off by effectively hooking the reader’s attention.

💡In a nutshell (literally 😅), the Nutshell CRM project was more than “just achieving high search engine ranking”; rather, it was a deep dive into what makes up a B2B sales content.

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