How I Helped HYCU Maximize Lead Conversion With High-Ranking Comparison Pages

[Case Study] → A BOFU Content Strategy On How To Outshine Competitors

  • Company name: HYCU

  • Use Case: Data protection and backup for public cloud, on-premises, and SaaS workloads. 

  • Worked with: Simon Gilbert (Senior Product Marketing Manager) & Gaetano Di Nardi

  • Role: Technical Writer 

About HYCU

HYCU is a global leader in data protection and backup solutions, particularly for hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) (e.g., Nutanix) and enterprise cloud environments. 

Some of its core-offerings include application-aware backups, automation backup and recovery, multi-cloud support, centralized management console, ransomware protection, and many more. 

HYCU’s customer base comprises of businesses of various sizes, including enterprises, that rely on its solutions to safeguard their data in complex IT environments. 

The Project


To elevate HYCU’s position in the market through targeted, high-quality content, with a particular focus on comparison pages that would directly speak to potential customers at the decision-making stage of their purchasing journey.

Target Audience

The content was aimed at decision-makers in enterprises, including IT managers, CTOs, and data protection officers, who were actively seeking reliable and efficient data backup and protection solutions. 


The data protection and backup market is highly competitive, with numerous players offering seemingly similar solutions. The challenge was to distinctively highlight HYCU’s unique value propositions and benefits in a way that resonates with a well-informed audience, already bombarded with numerous options. 

My Approach to the Problem

Understanding HYCU's unique offering

HYCU’s blend of technical and cybersecurity solutions is pivotal for enterprises seeking robust data backup and security. 

My initial step was to immerse myself in understanding the intricate details of HYCU’s offerings, especially the nuances that set them apart in a crowded market.

Creating a feature-benefit analysis.

The cornerstone of my approach was to dissect each feature of HYCU’s services and link them directly to tangible benefits. 

For instance, I examined the ‘Hybrid and Multi-cloud Data Backup and Protection’ feature and mapped out its advantages: 


• Save time and resources on purchases on hardware appliances, plugins, and agents. 

• Automated scheduling maintenance. 

• Single UI for backup and recovery of all workloads including on-premises, public cloud, and SaaS applications — hence, lowering your TCO (total cost of ownership). 

• Immutable air-gapped copies. 

• BYOS (bring your own storage) option to align business needs and avoid vendor lock-in. 

• Maintain business continuity through better RPO (recovery point objective) and RTO (recovery time objective). 

Rinse and repeat for all the features till I coud definitively tie all the aforementioned benefits to their respective features. 

Content Strategy for BOFU

Recognizing that our target audience at the Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) stage are decision-makers on the verge of purchasing, our content had to be precise, persuasive, and practical. 

Here’s how the strategy unfolded: 

Competitor Comparison Pages

Crafting high-ranking comparison pages that not only showcased HYCU’s strengths but also tactfully contrasted them with competitors, providing clear, compelling reasons for choosing HYCU. 

Audience Segmentation and Pain Point Analysis

This involved identifying specific sub-groups within the enterprise sector, such as IT managers, CTOs, and data protection officers. For each group, I conducted an in-depth analysis of their unique challenges and pain points related to data backup and protection.

Keyword Research and SEO Strategy

I won’t call this the simplest part, but a summary of the approach was direct and somewhat — logical. 

Identify a set of high-value, low-competition keywords that were specifically relevant to our BOFU audience. 

This involved long-tail keywords that indicated high intent, such as “best automated backup solution for [specific industry]” or “HYCU vs. [competitor name] comparison.” 

Technical Writing with a Marketing Twist

As a Technical Writer, my role transcended beyond just explaining the technicalities; it involved weaving the features and benefits into a narrative that resonates with the needs and pain points of the target audience. 

Quick example— on this project on Veeam Alternatives I constantly infused features (underlined red) with benefits (underlined green).  

Another route I took to achieving this was balancing technical accuracy with persuasive marketing language. 

This involved using layman’s terms to explain complex technical concepts, and storytelling techniques to illustrate the real-world impact of HYCU’s solutions.

You can find relatable instance in this piece I wrote on How to Backup Jira Cloud

SEO Optimization

I also made sure every piece of content was optimized for search engines, targeting keywords that our BOFU audience was likely to use. This strategy was not just about ranking high but also appearing for the right queries. 

Engaging and Educational Content

The content was designed to be engaging, packed with actionable insights, and educational, helping the audience understand the complexities of data protection and how HYCU simplifies it.

Highlights of Some of The Projects I Worked On

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Also Ranks #1 for “best backup solutions for small business.

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Ranks #1 (+featured snippets) for “best Jira Cloud backup.

Also ranks #5 for “how to backup Jira cloud.”

BigQuery Backup & Disaster Recovery (Automated Granular Restore)

Ranks #5 for “big query backup,” “how to create a big query backup— and all other semantic keywords. 

The 12 Best Enterprise Data Backup & Recovery Solutions Right Now

Ranks #2 for: 

“enterprise backup”

“best enterprise backup and recovery solution”

“best enterprise backup solution.”

11 Best VMware Cloud Backup & Data Protection Solutions

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14 Commvault & Metallic Alternatives for Data Backup & Recovery

Ranks #2 for “commvault alternative.” 

Ranks #5 for “metallic SaaS alternative.”

Top 12 Alternatives to Veeam Backup for Data Protection

Ranks #2 for: 

“Best veema alternative.” 

“Veeam alternative.” 

“Alternatives to veeam backup.”

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