How I Generated 3,000+ Additional Traffic Using 8 Long-Form Content for Aura

[Case Study] → Behind Some of Aura's Top Ranking Content
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  • Company name: Aura (+ its acquisitions MeetCircle & IdentityGuard)

  • Use Case: All-in-one digital protection for individuals and families.

  • Worked with: Gaetano Di Nardi (VP of Marketing), Jory Mackay (Editor) & Yaniv Masjedi (CMO). 

  • Role: Content Writer (covered several cybersecurity topics including identity fraud, credit card fraud, zero-day vulnerability attacks, DDoS, Phishing, Malware, etc.)

About Aura

Aura offers solutions such as financial fraud protection, identity theft protection, privacy assistance, cyberbullying protection, VPN, antivirus, spam call protection, vault (for keeping sensitive files), and a password manager. 

Aura also promises $1,000,000 in insurance to cover eligible losses and fees due to identity theft, 24/7 expert fraud support, and a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

The Project

During a conversation with Aura’s VP of Marketing, Gaetano DiNardi, Aura’s goals were quite simple: 

… produce [long-form] SEO-focused content that aligns with the product’s use case. 

But there was a problem. 

Aura’s audience spans all age groups (from 18 to 65) with similar security-related issues. 

However, you’d agree that the security needs of an individual are widely different from that of a family of four. 

For instance, Aura’s Vault feature was something an individual (age 25+) opted for instead of a family of four opting for the Family Protection and Parental Controls for their kids’ devices. 

So both ends, make logical sense — but writing content the same way for both audiences does not. 

So, how did I fix this?

My Approach to the Problem

First, I spent considerable time on the product to understand how it works. 

I tested the antivirus, VPN, password, manager, identity theft, spam call, and email protection features. 

The goal was more of measuring the product's capabilities and knowing how beneficial it would be across the board for all target audiences. 

Next, I mapped the use case with the target audience to know what they want in a product like Aura and its competitors. 

For this part, I spent some time (a lot of time actually… 😂) on platforms like Quora, Reddit, and X (formerly Twitter). 

I preferably chose non-incentivized public platforms because of the ingenuity of their complaints and responses to certain conversations in the forums. 

Reddit, for instance, gave me the best case studies — particularly with people who had either suffered the same security-related issue or from a close relative. All of these were easy to confirm by conducting further research and personal conversations. 

Here’s a quick example of using that incident in an intro to a Refund and Recovery Scams topic. 

A final seal to it was creating the content intending to link a real-life scenario with each of our target audiences. 

In this part, I scoured news outlets and public court cases via the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) website. 

The results of all these efforts can be seen in the results below and in how the content was written.

Highlights of Some of The Projects I Worked On

How To Tell If An Email Is From a Scammer [With Examples] 

Ranks #5 on the first page for “how to spot a scam email.” 

  • KD: 65
  • CPC: $3.64

How To Identify a Fake Text Message Scam [With Examples]

Ranks #5 for “how to identify a fake text message.”

  • KD:55 
  • CPC: $0.87

What To Do If You’ve Been Scammed Online & How To Report It

Ranks #3 for “what to do if you’ve been scammed online.” 

  • KD: 64
  • CPC: $4.06

10 Text Message Scams You Didn't Know About (Until Now)

Ranks #2 for “text message scam” and “scam messages.” 

  • KD: 74
  • CPC: $0.94

Understanding Spousal Identity Theft and How It Happens 

Ranks #1 (+featured snippet) for “spousal identity theft.” 

How To Keep Your Kids and Teens Safe on Social Media

Ranks #6 on the first page for “social media safety for kids.”

Don’t Fall For These 7 Nasty Refund & Recovery Scams

Ranks #2 for “refund and recovery scam.”

Also ranks #4 on the first page for “recovery scam.” #7 for “refund scam.” 

What Are Fraud Protection Services? Do You Need One?

Ranks #1 for “fraud protection services.”

Ranks #5 for “what is fraud protection?

  • KD: 75
  • CPC: $16.43

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