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Nutshell CRM — B2B Sales Contact Management System

How To Run A SaaS Marketing Campaign Effectively
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  • Ranks #1 for the keyword “saas marketing campaign.”
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How B2B Sellers Can Close Inbound Leads More Effectively
  • Ranks #1 for the long-tail keyword “how to close inbound leads” and "how to close B2B leads."

Ganttic — Online Resource Planning Software

10 Free Business Tools For Startups
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  • Ranks #1 for the long-tail keywords “free tools for startups.” and “best free tools for startups.”

Carmine Mastropierro — SaaS Marketing Blog

Chatbot Copywriting for High-Converting Conversations
  • Ranks #1 for the keyword “chatbot copywriting.”
  • Ranks #2 for the keyword query “what is chatbot copywriting.”

Forbes — Business Magazine

Five Ways To Prepare For The Holiday E-Commerce Rush
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  • Ranks #4 for the keyword “ecommerce rush.”

The StartUp — Top Medium Publication

How To Get Your First 100 SaaS Customers In 5 Easy Steps
  • 6min 50sec average reading time.
  • 32hr 12min member reading time.
  • 40+ Bookmarks

Entrepreneur — Entrepreneur Magazine

5 Things Online Business Can Do Today To Increase Conversions5 Game-Changing Ecommerce Trends In 2022
  • Ranks #2 for the long-tail keyword “game changing ecommerce trends.”
  • Ranks #10 for the keyword “ecommerce business trends 2022.”

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"Joseph is fantastic at synthesizing large amounts of long, highly technical, even confusing content and breaking it down so even a layperson can digest it easily. His copy is on time, clean, and well researched. He’s great to work with! "

Amber Katz
Founder Rogue 18 & Chief Editor, Edgemesh

" I've worked with Ayomide on a bunch of different niche articles for my B2B Saas. He was able to pick up the industry dynamics, writing style and workflow in a breeze and really took out our search engine presence to the next level. One of the best parts about working with him is leveraging his diverse skillset to pivot to whatever would bring in the most success for your business. "

Justin Cruz
Founder, Curate

"Hey Joseph, upon initial scan of your draft, I've gotta say man - pleasantly surprised. You rocked this!"

Gaetano DiNardi
VP Growth, Aura

"Picking someone to work with before launching SynergyBot was sort of a tough choice for me. We had big players in the league already, and we wanted to stand out. I needed someone who wouldn't just write because they can write but someone who understands what our product was all about even before writing. Ayomide came in and instantly filled that gap and that's why we are keeping him still."

Antione Dionne
Founder, Synergybot

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