How Edgemesh Increased Their Traffic By 112% In 3 Months With 67+ New Paid Users — With Intent-led Content

Edgemesh used the intent-led content strategy to increase their traffic by 112% in 3 months, with an additional 67+ new users to their already existing customer base.

About Edgemesh

Edgemesh is an enterprise-grade web acceleration plugin that enables websites to run 2-10x faster. 

It uses an AI platform that learns visitors' navigation patterns in real-time and allows their browser to dynamically pre-cache content. 

  • Industry: SaaS 
  • Founder: Jake (Jacob) Loveless
  • Location: Laguna Beach, California, United States 
  • Company Size: 11-50 

Edgemesh's Usecase

Edgemesh helps any website run 2-10x faster with zero infrastructure changes and just a single line of code. 

Based on next-generation client-side technology, Edgemesh helps deliver some of the fastest web experiences on the internet. 

Edgemesh uses an advanced AI platform that learns visitors' navigation patterns in real-time and allows their browser to dynamically pre-cache content. The results are dramatically lower page load times, increased conversion rates, and higher performing web experiences. 

Edgemesh can be added to any website in minutes without the assistance of a web developer and includes one-click support for Shopify, WordPress, and Magento. 

Best of all, you can see the impact Edgemesh has directly inside your Google Analytics - allowing you to see the return on speed using the tools you already use today.

Some of its clients include — Mommy Makeup, Kitsch, Redline Steel, Peacock Alley, and Bokksu.

The Challenge 

60% of Edgemesh’s incoming traffic had the challenge of understanding their product and why it helps them improve their website’s performance. 

According to Jake Loveless, Edgemesh’s CEO, — 

“When customers visit our website and eventually book a demo, we get asked some of the standard terms we say on the call. 

A quick example is “TTI— Time to Interactive,” a critical web performance metric and having to spend half the time of the call explaining how it’ll be beneficial to their business. 

And after this, they’d ask to see if we had resources to guide them in understanding these metrics well enough before committing. 

Since we didn't have any resources covering these metrics, we were losing out a chunk on our deals.”

The Solution 

In my conversation with Jake, I noticed Edgemesh had its unique value proposition nailed down, setting me up for the next step. 

— Analyse their ICP 

After accessing Edgemesh’s ICP (ideal customer profile) and in this case, they had different ICPs spanning from typical ecommerce stores to large enterprises. 

The next step was to discuss with the team and understand each prospect's journey before becoming a paid user. 

Considering each prospect had different intent in the customer acquisition funnel of Edgemesh, creating content based on intent seemed like the best solution.

— Create Intent-led Content 

From the sales team at Edgemesh, handling the frequent queries will undoubtedly increase their conversion rate. 

Using Semrush, Ahrefs, and Spyfu, I picked relevant topics that fit the prospect’s intent and had a good search volume. 

Then I implored the topic cluster model to create pillar pages and topic clusters for the 4 primary topics Edgemesh wants to be known for.

So for the first 1month and a half, I created a content series for all the web performance metrics. 

These topics covered all the core metrics that optimize conversions for Edgemesh’s prospects. 

Next up, I created a mini-content series on conversion rate optimization and several related contents, all fitting the intent of the ideal prospect. 

One of Edgemesh’s core benefits is helping its users' cache websites on the client-side instead of the traditional server-side method. 

For this, I wrote a pillar page on “caching” then created topic clusters to boost its authority. 

With everything in place, I was able to rank one of the most asked questions on the first page of Google.

Ranking this content contributed to strengthening the authority of some of the content on the website. 


  • 112% Increase In Traffic
  • 67+ New Paid Users

All In 3 Months 

Using intent-led content, I can create content meant for Edgemesh’s audience and not strictly for search engines. 

Each content on Edgemesh’s blog is created based on the customer’s journey with different intent moving through the customer acquisition funnel. 

Jacob Loveless, CEO, and Founder of Edgemesh had this to say-

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