How You Can Create Stories That Drives More Users To Your SaaS 

Everyone wants a piece of the $123billion pie sitting on the SaaS industry's table, but it’s impossible to have a taste without solving a problem. The intent-led content framework gives you the roadmap to be one of the few.

The Intent-led Content Framework

The intent-led content framework involves creating a series of content that matches the prospect's intent at every touchpoint while interacting with your product or service.
I developed this framework to help B2B SaaS companies create authority-building content that drives more PQLs, not MQLs, without churning out content for the sake of it.

To do this, first, I study your product to:
  • Identify your solution (UVP);
  • How your solution is better, and;
  • Who your solution is for (ICP).
Then create engaging stories that show your ideal customer how your product can help make their lives better. I call these stories “consumer-focused stories.”

Bringing these stories to life using the intent-led content framework takes the combination of your Customer Journey and Story Cluster Strategy (SCS).

Customer Journey

I understand the whole existence of your SaaS is to solve problems and make life easier and better for your ICP.

But this becomes impossible if your ICP doesn’t know your product exists.

With the customer journey, you can understand the customer's intent before and after interacting with your product.

This way, you know where and how to position your product as they move through your SaaS funnel.

And this involves four phases:  D — A — C — D
  • Discovery (Problem Discovery)
  • Awareness (Problem Aware)
  • Consideration (Solution Aware)
  • Decision (Provider Aware)
All of which have actions (content) taking them down the funnel until they become paid customers.

Story Cluster Strategy (SCS)

There’s so much noise out there, and everyone is creating literally anything that goes.

But that shouldn’t be you. You don’t have to join the bandwagon and follow the trend because it’s what everyone does.

You’re in the quest to build a brand. The average content won’t cut it; it won’t make your ICP say, “oh yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for!

But stories change everything.

Your UVP is your story — and it’s what makes you different.

Stories that walk your ICP through their problem and how you solve it.

Stories that answer the WHAT, WHY, WHO, and HOW of your product.

And all these stories fit into your customer journey at every touchpoint your ICP has with your product.

With SCS, your story isn’t just a one-off; instead — it’s one written with purpose, backed by facts, and positioned based on your ICP’s intent.
With your pillar stories representing each solution you offer, they strengthen your funnel stories (and vice-versa) to help convert your ICP at every stage in your SaaS funnel.

And this framework won’t stop at driving more users to your SaaS — it takes the extra step of establishing a loyal customer base with active word-of-mouth.

It’s a win-win for you!